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Shiptrac Worldwide is an intergration of Sea, Land and Air Freight Service provider. We are you non-stop supplier & problem solver for complex operation in logistic handling anytime and anywhere.

The advancement of technology, transportation and information systems has caught the world in the fast lane of changes, paving the way to globalization of world trade. A product, manufactured in stages in different countries, is consumed worldwide. Ever increasing customer expectations, coupled with the importance of product development, has driven competition in all sectors.

Transportation plays a crucial role not only is goods distribution to the finalconsumers, but also in the production stages where processes must be reliable and transparent and irregularities must be eliminated. With uniqueness being the global common denominator, the boundaries and limitations become the challenges of international transportation.

Transportation is vital for the success of your company. It has a direct effect on your bottom line, sales success or failure, your image and production schedule or effectiveness. Being able to ensure that a product or equipment is delivered or send on time is the basic underlying objective of logistics and the management to Total Logistics.

Realizing this, Shiptrac Worldwide is dedicated in ensuring that your goals become our goals and that we may share the need to integrate and control logistics operations. Whether you wish to improve your existing transport arrangement or wish to expand into new markets or countries, let Shiptrac Worldwide, do the legwork for you to increase your profits and stay ahead of you competition.